PowerEgg X

PowerEgg X is an Autonomous Personal AI Camera with the following features:

Autonomous Personal AI Camera Mode

The PowerEgg X features strong face recognition capabilities. Its face recognition accuracy is continuously improved through deep learning training to follow the object when taking a photo or recording a video. Additionally, the intelligent composition mode is available for general shots and selfies to improve the photography experience further.

Remote Sound Pickup SyncVoice Patent Technology

PowerEgg X is equipped with PowerVision’s patented SyncVoice technology. SyncVoice can pick up high-fidelity sound using the mobilephone’s microphone or a wireless headphones and automatically synchronize the audio with the pictures.

Face Recognition + Deep Learning

PowerVision’s deep learning is built on non-identifiable global big data, which supports facial recognition and automatic composition to adapt to the features of different people. It then delivers accurate, efficient, multi-angle, remote face recognition and subject lock-on. Facial recognition will become increasingly intelligent and accurate through ongoing deep learning and official firmware upgrading.

Automatic Composition Always Puts You in the Center

PowerEgg X’s camera tracks a field of view up to 170°. No matter if it is an indoor selfie or an outdoor sports scene, the PowerEgg X can capture the images you want. Additionally, the PowerEgg X can automatically remember a subject. Even if the subject moves beyond the field of view and then moves back again, the PowerEgg X will track it.

It Takes Only a Gesture for PowerEgg X to Understand You

You can command your Autonomous Personal AI Camera by simply standing in front of the camera and making a gesture! Through deep learning based on a database of gestures, the PowerEgg X supports multi-gesture intelligent recognition for photos, videos, subject tracking, and group photos.

Hand-held Gimbal Camera Mode

The PowerEgg X is not just a drone, it is also a hand-held gimbal camera. When switched into hand-held mode, the PowerEgg X can capture life’s beautiful moments anytime, anywhere using its triaxial mechanical stability augmentation gimbal and Autonomous Personal AI Camera.

3-axis Gimbal Stabilizer

The 3-axis mechanical stability augmentation gimbal can efficiently filter out vibration caused by external sources. Compared to ordinary photography, its anti-shake effect and photography are superior.

4K UHD Camera

The triaxial mechanical stability augmentation gimbal is shake resistant.

Industry-leading AI Processor

13-core multiprocessor and 5-core high-performance CPU+single-core GPU+4-core DSP+dual-core neural network engine booster+single-core MCU, with a hashrate as high as 4Tops.

A Battery Life of 3.5 Hours

A battery life of 3.5 hours enables you to capture life as it happens!

Between Dynamic and Static

In Drone Mode, the PowerEgg X is a high-performance drone. It is suitable for highly dynamic aerial photography thanks to its 4K/60fps camera and triaxial mechanical gimbal. The user can control real-time 1080P image transmission within a distance of 6KM(FCC). It has a maximum wind speed resistance of 29-38 kph so that it can stably fly in coastal or windy conditions. The PowerEgg X has a flight time of 30 minutes.

World’s First Drone That Can Pick Up Sound

The SyncVoice patented technology automatically synchronizes the sound picked up by your phone’s microphone with the pictures, putting an end to silent aerial photography.

Takeoff and Landing on Water

By installing waterproof accessories, the PowerEgg X can fly in rain and take off and land on water. It performs well in the aerial photography of water sports and rescue investigations.

Fly in the Rain

The PowerEgg X can fly in heavy rain and is suitable for harsh environments.

Automatic Obstacle Avoidance+Precise Landing

The front and bottom binocular depth measurement enables the PowerEgg X to detect the distance from an obstacle within a range of 20m in real-time and then land precisely.

6KM HD Image Transmission

Intelligent In-App Editing

The PowerEgg X enables you to film from land, in the air, and on the water, and provides video processing and sharing functions. Even if you don’t know much about video production, you can easily and quickly edit your video professionally and share it with your friends.


Mobile fish finding, Fishing Point Recommend, Ultra-long-range Hook Towing

PowerDolphin works with PowerSeeker fish-finder to seek for fishes in an intelligent and mobile way, obtain the fish and underwater information in a timely manner, and recommend fishing points smartly. It can also tow the fishhook and bait directly and reach the specified point via wireless control based on water conditions, dramatically extending the length of the fishing rod.

Above-water and underwater shooting perspectives

Equipped with a unique dual-joint 4K rotating camera whose shooting angle is as wide as 132°, PowerDolphin can use its rotating camera to meet the above-water and underwater shooting demands, with the field of view ranging from -150° under the water to +70° above the water, offering you a brand-new 220° shooting angle and visual experience.

Cruise mode

intelligent cruise at constant speed, allowing for an easier experience

Normal mode

the highest speed of 4.5 m/s, enabling free, pleasant water racing

Underwater mode

220° dual-joint activation, taking in the underwater scene in a glance

220° dual-joint rotating camera, providing above-water and underwater shooting perspectives

Equipped with a unique dual-joint rotating camera whose shooting angle is as wide as 132°, PowerDolphin can rotate to meet the above-water and underwater shooting demands, with the field of view ranging from -150° to +70° (the horizontal position is 0°, and when the camera rotates towards the underwater areas, the angle becomes negative), offering you a brand-new 220° shooting angle and visual experience.

When PowerDolphin shoots an underwater scene, no matter it is a stirring bait-biting process or mysterious, magnificent underwater scenery, it can capture everything in a second.


Underwater Photography and Videography

PowerRay’s integrated 4K UHD camera allows filmmakers to shoot underwater content for movies, research,and creative underwater photography. Take control of PowerRay and explore the underwater world!

Max Sailing Speed 4 knots

PowerRay’s cutting edge design features two horizontal thrusters and one vertical thruster, allowing PowerRay to swim freely in still water up to 4 knots

Extraordinary long dive times

With an amazing up to 4 hrs. diving time on a single charge, staying underwater has never been so easy.

4K HD Camera

Burst Mode photo shooting at 5 fps in 12 megapixels, capturing every underwater moment.

Vision+ App, Your In Control

The Vision+ App is the official app for the PowerVision line of products. It is not only a powerful data terminal but also a virtual controller for PowerRay. The app can acquire detailed information from underwater sonar and navigation. It can preset fish distribution. The 4K camera parameters with real-time 1080P underwater streaming. Vision+ supports iOS and Android systems and can be downloaded in all major app stores.

Sentimate Control, Dive Freely

PowerVisions Sentimate control system allows new users to control the PowerRay easily!

PowerVision VR ONE Plus Goggle

PowerRay’s VR Goggles provide users an immersive First Person View (FPV) experience. Allowing you to interact with the underwater world on many levels

PowerSeeker Fishfinder

PowerSeeker Fishfinder, an optional add-on component, can detect fish up to 230ft. below the surface. It’s sonar system can detect underwater landscape, temperature data, depth and fishing hot spots, as well as alerts to users through the Vision+ app when fish are detected.


PowerSeeker intelligent fish finder not only has a powerful sonar detection capability, but also fits PowerVision’s PowerEye, PowerRay and PowerDolphin. It can accurately detect fish distribution up to 80m underwater, as well as water temperature, water depth, underwater topography and other information. It can transmit this information in real-time to the Vision+ App providing fishing enthusiasts a more efficient and intelligent experience.

Intelligent Automatic On/Off

The PowerSeeker Intelligent Fish Finder has automatic On/Off technology. When the three probes are immersed in water, the device will automatically start. When it has left the water for 1 minute, the device will automatically shut down.

The Optical Lure and Sonar give you a fun fishing experience

The PowerSeeker Intelligent Fish Finder has a powerful sonar function. You can use the Intelligent Fish Finder underwater from 0.6m to 80m. The bottom of the PowerSeeker is equipped with 6 blue fish luring lights.

Small and portable

PowerSeeker sonar fish finder has a very compact size, 65mm in diameter, and only weighs 110g. The PowerSeeker can easily fit into your pocket.

Minimal operating experience

When you’re fishing just hook the PowerSeeker to your fishing line and set into the water. PowerSeeker will work in many water environments, such as riverbanks, open ocean, lakes, shorelines, and rivers. It can provide a stable and ultimate intelligent fishing experience.

Amazing versatility

PowerSeeker can be used as a stand-alone device or together with other PowerVision products, like the PowerRay and PowerDolphin.