Underwater Photography and Videography

PowerRay’s integrated 4K UHD camera allows filmmakers to shoot underwater content for movies, research,and creative underwater photography. Take control of PowerRay and explore the underwater world!

Max Sailing Speed 4 knots

PowerRay’s cutting edge design features two horizontal thrusters and one vertical thruster, allowing PowerRay to swim freely in still water up to 4 knots

Extraordinary long dive times

With an amazing up to 4 hrs. diving time on a single charge, staying underwater has never been so easy.

4K HD Camera

Burst Mode photo shooting at 5 fps in 12 megapixels, capturing every underwater moment.

Vision+ App, Your In Control

The Vision+ App is the official app for the PowerVision line of products. It is not only a powerful data terminal but also a virtual controller for PowerRay. The app can acquire detailed information from underwater sonar and navigation. It can preset fish distribution. The 4K camera parameters with real-time 1080P underwater streaming. Vision+ supports iOS and Android systems and can be downloaded in all major app stores.

Sentimate Control, Dive Freely

PowerVisions Sentimate control system allows new users to control the PowerRay easily!

PowerVision VR ONE Plus Goggle

PowerRay’s VR Goggles provide users an immersive First Person View (FPV) experience. Allowing you to interact with the underwater world on many levels

PowerSeeker Fishfinder

PowerSeeker Fishfinder, an optional add-on component, can detect fish up to 230ft. below the surface. It’s sonar system can detect underwater landscape, temperature data, depth and fishing hot spots, as well as alerts to users through the Vision+ app when fish are detected.